HVAC Technical Installation Services

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED is a fast growing HVAC-R company in nigeria. We install Cold room equipment for our clients; whether the equipment is procured by HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS  or by any third party/vendor. We offer specialized and professional installation services in the following areas:

 ➢ Design, procurement, and fabrication of ice block machines, 
 ➢ Design, procurement and fabrication of cold room to our numerous Clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Marine Industry, Telecommunication, Agricultural and Financial sector to Individual Clients. 

Our designs are based on our clients’ specifications ranging from Super Blast Cold rooms for freshly slaughtered animals, cold rooms for frozen foods, drug storage, chilling and ice-making.
 ➢ Engineering Design, Procurement, and Installation of Central Air Conditioner
 ➢ Installation of General Heat Transfer Appliances.