Project Management Capabilities

Project Management Philosophy

Over the many years of work undertaken for our Clients, HVAC & R Professionals has developed a unique strength in its project management systems. 
HVAC & R Professionals project managers and supporter personnel are selected upon a job-to-job basis for their experience in the management of work from small studies and consultancy services through to multi-million Naira projects. The necessary aggressive attitudes developed for successful execution of track, low budget small projects, extend also to the larger jobs. Far greater infrastructure is, of course, required to ensure coordination and quality control, but costs, time and team focus are always a priority. HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS normally adopts a project team or task force organization for work undertaken within the Company and is capable of providing, as required, specialized project management services to its clients. 

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS proven project management and control systems are geared to accomplish and assure the following:

 • Establish working cost, schedule and technical baseline; 
 • Establish effective communication channels with the client team;
 • Develop plans and execution procedures to accomplish the work scope within the established project budgets;
 • Develop early long lead material/action lists and execute; 
 • Provide timely tracking and reporting of the project plan;
 • Provide early warning and corrective action for potential problem areas;
 • Provide details basis for variance analysis and progress measurement, both in term of planning and cost control; and 
 • Provide the management teams with essential information to make timely project decisions.   

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS project management is experienced in dealing with the requirements and needs of the various local and national government bodies, statutory authorities and associations. HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED pays particular attention to the requirements of environmental bodies and the industrial codes of practice.

Project management within HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED commences from the first day of award through to final handover with follow-up on each specific project. All phases of the project are given detailed attention by the respective project 
management personnel to ensure that the client’s needs and requirements are properly met.