Company Profile

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED is a fast growing cold room, Blast Freezer, and ice block machines manufacturer in Nigeria, We also supply, install and maintain industrial air-conditioning systems.

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED is a Nigerian Company with registration number Rc 1622465, and was established by a team of well trained, experienced, qualified and dedicated Engineers and technicians with varied experiences and wide exposure in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering and Project Management Practices including Human Resources Development and Capacity Building. The promoters of HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED are made up of professionals who have been time-tested and proven proficient in their respective disciplines, locally and internationally.

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED works nationally and internationally for, and in association with, small and large companies, government agencies, development organizations, some higher institutions, and other related consulting organizations. The nature of the look varies from individually commissioned projects of varying sizes to multi-client projects in which a particularly opposite topics surveyed in depth to the benefit of a number of clients.

The use of our technical expertise and our experience in many areas of Africa, south of the Sahara with our involvement in a wide variety of projects has many advantages for the client. Backed by our staff’s record of success, we can offer recognized, impartial, confidential and specialist services or perhaps a new approach to an old problem. We can also augment your resources with our specialized staff and equipment, when required.

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED offers HVAC-R services nation/worldwide.

HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED staff is recognized in the industry for possessing a superior technical ability and reputation of being “easy to work with”. HVAC & R PROFESSIONALS LIMITED approach provides a stimulating work environment to nurture an attitude of dynamic team spirit and co-operation.

Some highlights of our services: -

Design, Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance of Coldrooms,

Design, Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance of Ice Block Machines,

Design, Fabrication, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial Ovens,

Installation and Maintenance of Domestic/Office Air Conditioning System,

Maintenance of all kinds of Cooling and Heating Appliances,

Supply and Installation of General Heat Transfer Appliances.

Should you require additional information about our services, please contact our Business Development section on 08035716381