How To Start A Cold Room Business In Nigeria

Posted on March 31, 2020

How To Start A Cold Room Business In Nigeria

Did you know that the food and beverage industry is among the biggest in Nigeria and anywhere around the world? Did you also know that a lot of money goes to waste when food spoil due to lack of the right refrigeration strategies, especially in organizations or individuals that do mass purchases? So far you must be sure of what the opportunity is, right? Your guess is as good- cold room business.

This is a multi-billion business in Nigeria hence you might be interested in making a trial. So, what do you need to start a cold room business in Nigeria?

Determine The Location

Where do you intend to establish your cold room business? This is an important consideration since it marks the foundation of your business, and if you will thrive or not. You should be focused on establishing your cold room in a well-spaced and ventilated warehouse. The chosen location should also have constant flow of electricity, since this is a major factor in food preservation. It is easy to go at a loss when the area of operation is not adequately connected to power. If necessary, you can have a backup power generator just for bigger convenience in operation.

Define The Scale of Your Business

This squarely depends on your budget and the target market. Nigeria offers both large and small scale cold room business environment. A small scale cold room business entails selling preserved and refrigerated foods to immediate customers. On the other hand, large scale cold room business encompasses manufacturing and packaging or even importation of products. Having settled for a particular business scale, you can now identify the best size of your warehouse, refrigerators, and other resources for the business.

Get Business Permit

The Nigerian law requires any person operating a business, whether big or small to have the respective letters and certificates of operation. If your intention is to establish a large scale cold room, then you will have to register with NAFDAC. Small scale cold room business also demands registration with the relevant authorities. Note that you will be dealing with consumables, hence the need for government verification of your business.

Draw Your Product Line

What products do you intend to stock or deal with? This is an important aspect as it defines how your resources will be utilized, and the potential earnings. At this juncture, adequate research is needed, for the sake of settling for products that will not run your business at a loss.

Get A Professional To Construct Your Cold Room

It is absolutely necessary to have a professional to do the designing of your cold room. Here is why Hvac Professionals come into place. This includes refrigeration and setting up of other features needed for full operation of your cold room. The idea here is to establish a cold room that will be of flawless service to you, hence the need to research on the best service providers in that line.


Having taken into account all the aforementioned factors, you will be set to operate a cold room business without any problems in Nigeria. The idea here is to define the market and capitalize on the advantages it offers.

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