Factors to Consider in Choosing a Quality Cold room in Nigeria

Posted on April 9, 2020

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Quality Cold room in Nigeria

Cold room Business is one of the highly lucrative business in Nigeria. But not everybody understands the things to look out for in selecting and building a standard cold room.

It is important to note that the design of a Cold room determines how long the cold room business will last. If the cold room is poorly designed, the cold room business will definitely suffer set backs and eventually pack up.

Below are the factors to consider at the initial design stage of every cold room:

1. Size of Cold room ( In Lenght x Width x Height). The size can also be determined by Tonnage

2. The location for the cold room. Is it in Northern Nigeria, or Southern Nigeria, or Western Nigeria, or Eastern Nigeria. This will help in selecting the thickness of the Body Panels (PU Panel) and the size of the Compressor, Condenser and Evaporator to be used.

3. The temperature requirement. The type of product to be stored can help determine the temperature required for that product.

4. The type of Cold room required. This has to do with; a) Mobile Cold room or Modular Coldroom or Containarized Cold room. b) Walk in Cold room. c) Drive in Cold room.

5. Optional: Number of Compressors (That is, having a standby unit)

This informations are very critical in designing a quality coldroom in Nigeria.


HVAC & R Professionals Ltd is committed in providing useful informations in guiding our customers to make decisions on having a quality coldroom in Nigeria. We provide after sales service in every coldroom we install in Nigeria. And we design a preventive maintenance plan for all our coldrooms.